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Business valuation

Business valuation Services

Royal Cornell has decades of experience in performing business valuations for clients across a wide range of industries and expertise. 

Our business valuations can assist you with making strategic decisions to improve your businesses performance and pinpoint areas of improvement. A business valuation can also help avoid disputes and, potentially, save thousands of dollars in unexpected payouts in the event of a breakdown in relationships.

Our CPA accountants will provide a business valuation that incorporates the valuation of your business, its securities and intangible assets that are required for a multitude of reasons including accounting, taxation, transactions and disputes.

A business valuation is not just a consideration for when you are looking to sell or retire, it can be an effective tool to identify ways of improvement, as well as determining the value of your business going forward.

Business valuations are required when:

  • Ownership changes
  • Shares are transferred
  • Buying a business (to ensure you don’t pay too much)
  • Selling a business (to ensure you are receiving market value)
  • Relationships breakdown
  • Determining how assets will be divided

Some examples of business valuation services we provide are:

  • Valuation reports
  • Valuation engagements
  • Limited scope valuation engagements
  • Calculation engagements

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